Agile provides NAATI certified individual interpreters or teams for:

  • Conferences
  • Technical teams on-site
  • International organisations
  • Court or other legal proceedings
  • High-level business meetings
  • Aid programmes
  • Any other event requiring interpreters

Portable Simultaneous Interpreting:
Agile was one of the early adopters in the growing field of portable simultaneous interpreting using lightweight transmitters and receivers.  We can provide the transparency of conference-level simultaneous interpreting anywhere you need to communicate with people speaking another language:  boardrooms, workplaces, mine sites etc.

Engaging two or more interpreters to provide portable simultaneous interpreting offers many benefits:

  • No more stop/start – talk as you would to someone speaking your own language.
  • More than halve the time needed for meetings using a single interpreter– it pays for itself.
  • Spontaneity – no more lost ideas, natural flow of conversation.
  • Less formal/more successful – allows conversations and negotiations to follow their normal course to get deals done.

Only high-level conference interpreters can offer this skillset so you can be sure you are using the very best linguists and cultural consultants.

Phone conference call interpreting:

Using Skype or other phone video-conference technology, we can provide interpreters to allow you to communicate cheaply and effectively without leaving your desk.
Change the conversation – use portable simultaneous interpreting to get your deals done today